H2Station® | Hydrogen refueling for Fuel Cell Vehicles
H2Station® hydrogen refueling stations provides fast refueling and long range for fuel cell powered material handling & passenger vehicles. H2 Logic can meet a wide demand range and offers complete turn-key station solutions.

A variety of technologies and set-ups are offered, ranging from onsite production and up to 70MPa refueling pressure all integrated in compact modules allowing for easy transport & installation.

The technology is state-of-the-art and is proven reliable through use in numerous applications and comes with third party certification following latest safety regulations. Exterior packaging and design of the solution can be provided and uniquely developed based on customer specification.

Services such as installation, handling of local authority approval process, maintenance and online surveillance & monitoring system can also be provided.

Available standard H2Station® products
H2Station® CAR-100 for passenger vehicles
H2Station® MH-100 for material handling vehicles

Customized refueling solution
The H2Station® technology can be reconfigured to meet your exact needs in terms of capacity, vehicle type and pressure. Contact us to discuss opportunities further.
About H2Station®
H2Station® CAR-100
H2Station® MH-100
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       H2Station® CAR-100