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H2 Logic delivers hydrogen fueling station for Hamburg – first to achieve German CEP approval
Energy & gas companies to expand hydrogen fuelling network in Denmark in collaboration with H2 Logic
H2 Logic A/S to transfer fuel cell activities to Ballard subsidiary Dantherm Power A/S
H2 Logic and Air Liquide to build network of hydrogen refueling stations in Denmark
H2 Logic to supply Hydrogen Refueling Station for Hamburg
H2 Logic builds hydrogen refueling station in 48 hours
H2 Logic launches new H2Station® products
H2 Logic publish hydrogen refueling performance data
H2 Logic delivers fourth hydrogen station in 12 months
First fuel cell electric vehicles ever – to join the Giro d’Italia bicycle race
H2 Logic provides hydrogen refueling north of polar circle
H2 Logic opens 70MPa fast-fill hydrogen station in Oslo
H2 Logic delivers Denmarks first 700bar hydrogen station
H2 Logic installs hydrogen station in Northern Sweden
Hydrogen station for Lillestrøm Norway in 2011
Press release: H2 Logic part of Scandinavian demonstration project
First fuel cell electric vehicles ever – to join the Giro d’Italia bicycle race
With water as only exhaust two cell electric vehicles from Hyundai will join the zero emission biking in the Giro d’Italia race when it takes off in Den-mark this Saturday. The world’s toughest bicycle race fits perfectly with the fuel cell vehicles, as they are capable of driving more than 500 kilometer on one refueling of hydrogen. Compared to the bikers, the fuel cell vehicles only require 3 minutes of refueling before ready for the next stage. Where headwind is a challenge in the race, this only provides more energy for the hydrogen production that naturally is based on pure wind power.

If people all across the world rode a bike like the racers in Giro d’Italia, we would have no pollution in cities or dependency on sacred fossil fuels. This is exactly the purpose of hydrogen powered fuel cell electric vehicles. Electricity from wind is used to split water into hydrogen fuel. You gain 500 km on a 3 minutes refueling of hydrogen at a conventional refueling station and your ride is completely zero emission with water as the only exhaust. For that to happen, you don’t have to train for becoming a professional bicycle racer in the Giro d’Italia or alike.

Two fuel cell electric vehicles from Hyundai will join the pre-caravan of the Giro d’Italia, showcasing zero emission transportation for ordinary people. Hydrogen will be provided by the local company H2 Logic A/S that is a world leader in providing fast fueling of sustainable hydrogen.

Despite the innovative nature, the fuel cell vehicles will ironically feature a dinosaur alike exterior design, showcasing the coming event “Walking with Dinosaurs” (11.-14th Oct.) at Denmark’s National Arena Jyske Bank BOXEN in Herning – www.mch.dk

However the branding serves a noble purpose of supporting the global campaign to fight malaria in Africa named “Nothing But nets”, handled by the local business network JCI. The campaigning is part of the United Nations (UN) Millennium Development Goals on fighting global challenges such as poverty, starvation, illness, and environment in developing countries.

The fuel cell vehicles will participate during the Giro d’Italia team presentation on Friday in Herning and during the campaign caravan drive on Saturday, Sunday and Monday in advance of the bicycle stages in Herning and Horsens, Denmark. Test drive and experience of the ve-hicles may be booked in advance or after the race by Press and VIP’s.

Download Press Release:
Press release as WORD
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Test drive & experience the fuel cell vehicles in Herning, Denmark:
Test drives for Press and VIP’s can be booked at:

MCH, Kim Nybom Mikkelsen, tlf. +45 3057 8839, knm@mch.dk
H2 Logic A/S, Jesper Boisen, +45 2145 2963, jb@h2logic.com
JCI Herning, Claus Christensen, tlf. +46 738 539 811 or
Henrik Jespersen, tlf. +45 4017 6057

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